A 53-foot one-off fast bluewater sailing yacht. The essence of 10 years search for the dream yacht!

The construction phase

The construction started in August 2014. The hull is built up from a temporary plywood frame cut out from the designer's CAD drawings, on to which Divynicell foam plates are laid to create a plug for the outler laminate,  molded directly on top of the foam plates using vacuum infusion technique with an epoxy resin. Later the hull is turned up side down and the inner laminate is molded in a similar fashion. The end result is a very strong and light sandwich hull that is 100% watertight.

    Excited owner on first inspection!

<  Designer and boat builder

Contract signed 19.July 2014 !

All bulkheads are of sandwich construction, molded into the hull for maximum strength.

Extensive sparkling and sanding gives a  superior hull finish.

Plywood mockups were used to shape pedestals etc.

Genuine teak deck, 8mm glued.

17. September 2015:

Time for launch!

April 2016:

Relaunch after winter storage

(note keel down)

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